Consumer Awareness

How to adapt to the needs of modern consumers

Consumer awareness has become very important subject in light of increasing hazardous events in different industries, related to problem of counterfeiting or unwanted events with original products.

More then ever, word is spread over the Internet in matter of seconds. Keeping confidence of consumer should be primary concern of every manufacturer.

Why serialization?

Excellent way to keep precise track of supply chain and management of problematic events such as recalls

Increase consumer awareness to the higher level and open direct marketing channel


Spreading the good word is often best marketing you can get today. Make your consumers spread good word about you and your products, even in digital world, using social networking channels such as Facebook and Twitter

Social responsibility

Manufacturers should behave in best manner to stay socially responsible. Honesty, precise information about products and their ingredients, proper reaction to hazardous situations will strengthen your social responsibility and give your brand competitive advantage. And, of course, speak in consumers own language and alphabet

Make a change

Unhappy consumers are excellent source of revenue for your competitors.
Keep your consumers happy. Make them believe in your products, quality and safety. Simple as that.

And how that works ?

Tag your products at production site and store information in our system.

Products are available to consumers either in retail stores or on online stores

Every single consumer is able to scan your tags using mobile application available for major smartphone platforms and get information you want to pass to them.

Provenance information, product information, recall information, marketing etc.