Q. Is product serialization mandatory ?

A. Serialization is becoming increasingly mandatory for different industries in many countries worldwide; deadlines vary. Some industries may be subject to different regulations based upon specific manufacturing and/or distribution jurisdiction.


Q. Can we implement serialization for our products in non-regulated markets ?

A. Sure you can. Serialization implementation can bring increased consumer trust, protection against counterfeiting, possibility to develop new 1:1 communication channels with consumers and in the end, create a new positive experience for consumers of your products.


Q. What is your platform solution doing ?

A. Our platform addresses regulatory issues in the market as well as improves consumer UX, loyalty and product security. We provide and manage serialization codes in different standards and with different data carriers, integrating with clients’ existing systems as agreed. We open new communication channels to consumers and prospective consumers of both your specific and linked products. Additionally, our platform can communicate directly with regulatory databases where serial number identities remain and/or are cross-referenced and/or are tokenized for permanent historical authentication purposes.


Q. Is your platform able to close the whole serialization process cycle ?

A. Yes. Our platform can generate and store serial numbers and codes that must be applied to your products/packaging. Additionally, it can store any data related to supply chains for later use. It can also serve as the authentication system where authorized persons or/and consumers can execute various verification tasks.


Q. Do you support all existing serialization standards ?

A. Yes. We continuously monitor changes in regulations in myriad industries and jurisdictions worldwide. Our platform supports all extant regulations and adjust/amend as a matter of priority. Bespoke modifications are possible and are addressed by specialized in-house teams.


Q. Do you support QR code, Datamatrix and other data carriers ?

A. Our platform is data carrier independent. We support the majority of 1D and 2D barcodes and NFC/RFID.


Q. How is your platform communicating with the outside world ?

A. Our platform supports two modes: (1) Web based user interface where all system actions are performed. (2) Use our set of web APIs, integrating with existing internal systems. Additionally, we provide a set of mobile applications (iOS and Android) to be used for logistics, authentication and marketing.


Q. Is your software running only in cloud version ?

A. Our system runs as hybrid solution. We provide minimal run environment on our infrastructure. Per request, it can be run on private or public cloud. We can license our solution to client’s internal environment, where it can operate as separate instance owned by client. Our mission is to provide our clients with maximum flexible platform with maximum up time while keeping costs of system operation low.


Q. Do you provide mobile application white labeling ?

A. Yes. For those clients who wants to have their branded application we can always white label our existing mobile application to their brand and design.


Q. In the case of 2D (QR) as a data carrier, why use your custom application instead of an “ordinary” QR reader?

A. “Ordinary” QR readers are not (or need to be) programmed to interpret code properly. There is no standard yet how to interpret codes related to serialization. Using a custom mobile application provides other advantages: information instantly provided to consumers in their chosen language; bidirectional communication between consumers, manufacturers and retailers; instant push notifications for recall, health or other risk warnings; part of an integrated holistic system.


Q. Platform security ?

A. Now this is serious stuff. We burn the midnight oil to address privacy and security. We work really really hard to ensure maximum protection for ALL parties engaged on our platform by adopting the best practices in information technology. Unless ordered by (1) a legitimate court of competent personal and subject matter jurisdiction; or (2) a governmental agency with jurisdiction to compel disclosure, we never share or use anyone’s data without the data owners’ explicit permission. System architecture is planned, designed and executed to minimize risk. Our infrastructure is hosted in ISO 27001 data centers. Records in our database are optionally encrypted with security keys stored in HSM. All information exchanged with customers is secured via VPN/HTTPS communication protocols.